Medifusion Retailers

Welcome to the Medifusion Retailer Portal.

Our price comparison web services and content units are used on all of our own sites as well as dozens of partner's price comparison sites. By adding your products to our catalogue, you are effectively opening up a whole new range of marketing outlets on the web. We promise to market your products on a simple Cost Per Click (CPC) basis and this portal allows you to manage the products being promoted and the budget you wish to spend on promotion.

There is no sign-up fee and no monthly charge. We only operate on a cost-per-click basis, invoicing at the end of each month. We charge 10p per click (+ VAT) but this will be reduced to 7.5p for retailers spending more than £50 per month.

From this portal you will be able to tell us where to find your product feed or define how we identify products on your site so that we can retrieve prices from you. Once you have registered and logged in you will be able to enter the URL we can use to retrieve your product feed as a CSV, XML or simple text file.

If you dont have an account then click here to sign up. If you have recently signed up then you should be able to access all of the options in the menu.

There is no charge or obligation in signing up.

  1. Sign up.
  2. Tell us where to get your product feed from.
  3. We will download your feed and include your products in our price comparison service.
  4. Your products start appearing on our sites.
  5. Users click links to your site and start buying directly from you.
  6. We invoice you for clicks at the end of each month.

If you have any questions then please contact us at