Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Medifusion Retailer Programme ?
We collect and merge product catalogues from dozens of major retailers through a series of complex programmes that retreive pricing information - sometimes in real time.
As a retailer, you can sign up and submit your product catalogue to us for inclusion in our price comparison.
This ensures that your products are advertised on,,, and It also allows other webmasters to offer the same comprehensive price comparison service, increasing your product exposure and sales across dozens of new channels.

How Much Does It Cost ?
We charge nothing for including you in the service and advertising your products but whenever a user clicks a link to go to your web site we charge a nominal fee.
This fee is initially 10p per click but can be reduced to 7.5p per click for volume and consistency.
We have complex anti-fraud software which will not charge you for multiple clicks from the same person and will highlight anomolies in visitors.

How Do I Submit My Products ?
You need to provide us with a URL which is a link to your product catalogue. Alternatively, if you can let us know how your site is structured, it may be possible for us to just simply check your site directly whenever we need to get prices. For this to work, however, there must be a way for us to determine the URL for a given product either by the URL containing the product ID or barcode/EAN number.

Will I Be Tied In ?
No. There is no fixed term. We simply review your product catalogue, enable the service and charge monthly in arrears for click throughs. You can leave the program at any time by simply letting us know, however, you must clear any outstanding invoices and pay for clicks up to the point of noktifying us you want to leave.

How Will I Know Who's Clicking To My Site ?
We provide an easy to use control panel that lets you monitor clicks and fees to date in real time.